Who We Are.

We are the Leader in the Markets We Serve.

Longevity Holdings is a data analytics organization providing thousands of clients with mission critical information
to help them address opportunities and challenges in the senior markets

Death Audit and Locate

Pensions, life insurance carriers, third party administrators, health care providers and others need to identify deaths to prevent overpayments and fraud, make payments to entitled beneficiaries or for actuarial analysis. Using artificial intelligence, over 26,000 integrated data sources, proprietary systems, and human expertise, PBI is the only true death audit provider. PBI also locates missing pensioners, insureds and beneficiaries for clients in compliance with regulatory guidelines.

Life Settlements

The life settlement market serves seniors who have life insurance policies they no longer want, need or can afford. Instead of lapsing the policies or surrendering them for cash surrender value, seniors can attempt to sell their policies in a life settlement market transaction. Longevity Holdings provides data and mission critical information and services for investors in life settlements.

Life Insurance Trusts

Life insurance trusts are considered a unique and hard to value asset by the OCC. Most banks and trust companies do not accept new irrevocable life insurance trusts (ILITs) or serve as trustee only as an accommodation for large clients, but many have legacy books of business. Longevity Holdings provides services that allow clients to reduce risk and administration costs, while providing improved value to the grantors and beneficiaries.

Life Expectancy Underwriting and Data

Our team of underwriters and medical professionals provide life expectancy underwriting services and data for the structured settlement, life settlement and life insurance markets.