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Preparing for a world where people live beyond 100.

As the US population continues to age, there are growing opportunities and challenges for companies that work with seniors.

We are uniquely positioned as a result of proprietary data and technology, as well as unparalleled expertise in the markets we serve.

Longevity Holdings is a Leader

in the Following Markets

  • Death Audits
  • Participant and Beneficiary Locate Services
  • Death Data, including Obituaries
  • Life Insurance Trust Management Software
  • Outsourced Trust and Policy Management for Life Insurance Trustees
  • Life Insurance Trustee Services
  • Life Settlement Portfolio Servicing
  • Valuation Agent
  • Life Settlement Market Data
  • Portfolio Broker
  • Independent Life Settlement
    Policy Originator
  • Life Settlement Life Expectancy Products
  • Secondary Market Structured Settlement Underwriting
  • Outsourced Medical Director and Underwriting Services
  • Life Expectancy/Mortality Data (Seniors and Cancer Cases)