Longevity Analytics Portal Terms of Use:

These terms of use apply to access to the Longevity Analytics Portal (https://analytics.longevity.inc ) (the “Portal”) by a client (the “Client”) of Longevity Holdings Inc., ITM TwentyFirst, LLC, Fasano Associates, Inc., and Maple Life Analytics, LLC (collectively, the “Companies”).

  1. Authority. By maintaining an account on the Portal, you, an Authorized Individual (as defined below) of one or more Clients of the Companies, hereby acknowledge that you (i) have read, understand and agree to be bound by these terms of use, (ii) are of legal age to enter into a binding agreement, (iii) have the requisite authority to bind the Client to these terms of use, and (iv) hereby bind the Client to these terms of use. The term “you” refers to individuals designated by the Client who may access the Portal via an account maintained by such Client (“Client Account”) (each such individual, an “Authorized Individual”). For a business entity client of the Companies, the Client is the client company for which the Client Account is maintained.
  2. Client Account. Client is solely responsible for the content of the Client Account and maintaining the accuracy of Client’s profile information, including information relating to Authorized Individuals. Upon termination or separation of an Authorized Individual’s relationship with Client, Client shall immediately revoke the Authorized Individual’s access to the Portal and the Client Account. The Companies reserve the right to revoke Client’s or any Authorized Individual’s access to the Portal at any time without notice.
  3. Log-In Credentials. Client will implement policies and procedures to prevent unauthorized use of the log-in credentials (where such log-in credentials permit Authorized Individuals to access to the Portal) (“Log-In Credentials”). Log-In Credentials are for a single Authorized Individual and Client shall ensure that its Authorized Individuals do not share Log-In Credentials. The Authorized Individuals of the Client Account shall be responsible for appropriate use, access and protection of Log-In Credentials and the Client Account. It is recommended that End User and each Authorized Individual shall change the password associated with their Log-In Credentials no less than one (1) time every three (3) months.
  4. Unauthorized Access. Client shall promptly notify the Companies at datasecurity@longevity.inc if Client or an Authorized Individual reasonably suspects or confirms that a Log-In Credential has been (i) lost, stolen, compromised, or misused, (ii) used, accessed, or acquired in an unauthorized manner or by any unauthorized person, or (iii) used for any purpose other than legitimate business reasons. Client shall be responsible for any unauthorized use of or access to Log-In Credentials or the Portal, or any actions required as a result thereof.
  5. Acceptance of Terms. During the initial log-in for each End User or Authorized Individual and upon the Companies’ request thereafter, the End User or Authorized Individual will be required to agree to these terms of use. Each successive time the End User or Authorized Individual accesses the Portal utilizing the Log-In Credentials constitutes renewal and reaffirmation by the End User and Authorized Individual of these terms of use.
  6. Changes. Client shall comply with changes to these terms of use as the Companies shall make from time to time with notice to Client or Authorized Individual(s) via e-mail, by posting on the Companies’ websites, through the Client Account, online “click wrap” amendments, facsimile, mail, invoice announcements, or other written notification. These terms of use are intended to be supplemental to, and subject to the terms of, any licensing or other agreement entered into between Client and the Companies.

Last updated: 1/26/2023